The Summoner Druid is a unique build as most Druids will end up focusing their skills on the elemental or shapeshifting tree. You can buy D2R Ladder Items at with the cheapest prices and fast delivery. If players focus all their energy on the summoning tree they can create a sufficiently effective build to clear the game fairly safely. Since Patch Diablo II: Resurrected 2.4, the Summon Druid has become a viable option with the ability to summon all his pets at once! This guide will detail the best skill builds for Summon Druid on the Ladder.

20 points to Ravens: Summons a raven that pulls out the eyes of your enemies.

1 point to Poison Vine: Prerequisite for Carrion Vine.​

20 points to Oak Sage: Summons a spirit pet that enhances your life as well as that of your party.

20 points to Summon Spirit Wolf: Summons a teleporting wolf who fights by your side. It has a praiseworthy attack rating of 50%.

1 point to Carrion Vine: Carrion Vine consumes nearby corpses and returns Life to the Druid (not to minions).

20 points to Heart of the Wolverine: Summons a spirit pet that enhances the damage and attack rating of you as well as that of your party.

20 points to Summon Dire Wolf: Summons a wolf that eats corpses to increase the damage dealt with enemies. Both its attack and defense rating is a whopping 50%.

20 points to Summon Grizzly: Summons a fierce Grizzly bear with an attack and defense rating of 50%.

In D2R 2.4, the Summon Druid can be a good starting build for the hardcore ladder, especially if you will be in bear form, then you can also use Shockwave to help with the summons. What's more, if you want to buy D2R Ladder Items For Sale at the best price, welcome to check out our offer!