Cleaning the water cooler in the workplace is important these days, especially considering that 87% of employees want healthier workspaces. If your water dispenser is dirty and unattractive, just having one may not be enough to drive hydration. Fortunately, with the right cleaning procedures, you can enhance your workplace's water supply - ensuring your employees, guests and customers have access to clean and delicious drinking water year-round.

    Before diving into the best practices for cleaning your water dispenser, it's critical to determine which water dispenser is right for your business. Depending on the water dispenser you choose, it could change how you end up with cleaning and preventive maintenance.

    Bottled water coolers are still the traditional method of supplying water to your business. This often involves repeated deliveries of 3- to 5-gallon jars, as well as some heavy lifting by team members in the process. While bottled water dispensers may have proven to be an adequate system for drinking water in your workplace over the years, they are costly in the long term, bad for the environment, and harder to keep clean than other options.

    On the other hand, bottle-less water dispensers are advanced workplace water solutions that may be just what your business is looking for. Instead of traditional gallon jugs, these machines connect directly to your waterline. With advanced water filters, your employees and customers can have a steady stream of clean water when they need it. No need for gas-guzzling delivery trucks or environmentally harmful plastic bottles or water bottles. Not only does this alternative help reduce your ecological footprint, but it also significantly simplifies your cleaning and maintenance process.

    Whether you choose to use a bottled or bottle-less water dispenser for your business, cleaning and maintenance remain a top priority. Read on to learn more about how you should keep your dispenser in top shape.

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