The Druid isn't the mainstream character most Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder players would choose, but with an efficient build, the Fire Druid can play well in the D2R Ladder Season. MMOSO offers cheap D2R Ladder Items for sale, welcome to place your order! In patch 2.4, Druid brought some surprising changes, especially the fire spells on the elemental skill tree. Here are the best skill builds for Fire Druid.

20 Points to Firestorm: This spell might seem a bit wonky at first, but once you watch it you'll get the hang of aiming. The main use of a Firestorm is to kill act bosses or individual or small groups of slow, large monsters that you can immobilize easily. In general, it is better than Volcano against non-fire immune monsters but requires greater skill to use.

20 Points to Fissure: Fissure is an extremely strong skill and will carry you through all of Normal and most of the Nightmare. Once you hit Act 4 in Nightmare, this is where the resistant and immunity wall becomes stronger, with it standing tall once you enter Hell.

20 Points to Molten Boulder: Molten Boulder will stop if it hits an obstruction or a large monster that it can't knock back; it will then explode, dealing physical damage and fire damage in a small area, and leave a flaming patch.

20 Points to Volcano: Volcano deals tremendous fire and physical damage to the designated location, and is optimally used for non-moving targets. It is also useful if you can cast them in doorways or tight places, where monsters have to pass to reach you or your minions.

For the most part, the Fire Druid is a single elemental D2R ladder reset build. It also has a physical component, bbout two-thirds fire damage and one-third physical damage, which is very good. You can choose the fire druid to start the D2R ladder Season, if you want to Buy D2R Ladder Runewords, please choose us, we have the lowest price and the best services.