The author, Garthstein, has fired a literary agent who rejected his idea of creating the entire novel from a dog's perspective. Stein finally laughed after his novel "Racing Art in the Rain" was on the New York Times bestseller list for 156 weeks after its debut in 2008. Now the novel is a movie with the same title and the same perspective. There is no doubt that there are cynical movie fans on the side of Stein's agent talking about dogs. But all the slaves of the dog, along with Kevin Costner, ensure that they are human, giving a break in the big-screen version of all the moody Megastars the art of racing in the rain review, "The Art of Running in the Rain." Aloud the coveted dog. Sure, it's often a shameless tier jar car movie, but it probably won't hurt box office revenue. Marley and Me are another best-selling modified dog crybaby that has sold nearly $ 250 million worldwide. Along with Benji, Beethoven, Lady and Trump, Old Jeller, and Isle of Dogs, the dog's purpose was also a big hit.

Our furry narrator is the Golden Retriever Enzo (Kevin Costner's voice), unlike any other dog. In his opening confession, he tunes in with the grave gravity that "gestures are everything I have." He lamented the engineering of the flat tongue, hindering the expression of more complex than monosyllabic sounds, and announced that he was lying in a "self-made puddle." Enzo, who believes in Mongolian dog mysticism, remembers everything he learned as a dog when he returned as a human, while he lived with his owner, Denny (Milo Ventimiglia). He announced.

"Enzo Racing of the Rain" is a tearful movie, but it's a very strange movie that starts with a full-titled mouth. The film frequently mentions the art of racing in the rain, a skill Denny learned as a racing car driver in Seattle. It seems to be the idea of ​​predicting drift to create and control drift to eliminate unpredictable variables. The metaphor does not clearly follow the lessons of life presented, but it provides the characters with the opportunity to frequently talk about their own manifestations of reality. It's intoxicating but incredibly vague, and the unpredictable variables that come to Denny and Enzo's path are incredible: the relationship and marriage with the beautiful Eve (Amanda Seyfried), Zoe (Ryan Kiera). Birth of Armstrong), terminal illness, in-law. Proceedings, custody disputes, financial issues, etc.

Denny's claims that running in the rain is an art (and he's the best), but if his life story is a case study, it's the only way to overcome the difficulties life poses to you. The secret is complete patience. Denny is joking if he thinks there is any art other than hanging for his beloved life. But the racing metaphor makes a good motivational speech.

In most films, the lips of a troubled teen or a conflicting murderer anticipate a real expression of anxiety. But in the overheated (if not cooked) soap opera "The Art of Racing in the Rain", those ideas belong to the dog Kevin Costner spoke to. (Milo Ventimiglia) The person who owns it. This cheesy entertainment is based on a drama directed by Simon Curtis ("Goodbye Christopher Robin"), but targeting dog lovers could allow for a more exhilarating ride. Missing the beat of all kinds of sports movies.

The dilapidated golden retriever Enzo (named after sports car racer and creator Enzo Ferrari) first met when lying sick, saying "I made it myself in a puddle". increase. This will quickly appeal to those who are worried about the illness of their furry relatives. (He is guilty of being charged). But Costner's fatal and serious line readings make him almost ridiculous.