• Packaging Industry
Most of the  Premade bag packing machine used in these industries is dependent on temperature and require longer process time hence use of these controllers is one of the primary requirements of these industries. Some of the common machineries where these instruments are used include seal bars, glue applicator, hot melt functions, shrink-wrap tunnels and label applications wherein temperature controllers monitor and control effective required temperature for better product output.

• Plastics Industries
Plastic is heavily dependent on temperature and these instruments are most commonly needed in chillers, hoppers and dryers along with molding and extruding equipments. Especially in extruding equipments temperature control and monitoring is carried out at most of the crucial and different important steps in the plastic production.

• Healthcare Industries
Everyone knows the importance and accuracy of temperature controllers in all the healthcare related functions like laboratory, test equipments, autoclave, incubators, refrigerators, crystallization-growing chambers and test chambers where maintaining accurate temperature is vital necessity.

 Grain packaging machine and Beverage Industries
Some of the common processes involved in these industries are brewing; blending, sterilization, cooking and baking in ovens and most of these processes require stable temperature to carry out processes and regular intervals of time. With the help of Digital Temperature Controller, it is taken care of that, every related process is carried out with fine-tuning of the finishes product.

Dealing with an aggrieved party does require some special consideration, but in the more everyday delivery of friendly customer service, it is our composure that wins the day. If we look professional, sound professional, act professionally, and simply display our impeccable manners, we will always create the assumption that good, attentive, customer service comes as part of the deal. It makes everything that follows just so much easier. The 'Three Es' - energy, enthusiasm, empathy - can serve as reliable prompts. Lesser competitors will often fall short of these, and technology can't replace them, so irrespective of whether we are the buyer or the seller, a balanced serving of all three will see us home in most circumstances.

In essence, I guess it's a little like the lesson we learned as children from Robert Southey's famous fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears - not too little, not too much, but getting it just right! First, we must carefully monitor the changing expectations to ensure we never overstay our welcome. Next, we must strike that delicate balance between how much help, attention, and information the other party wants, beyond which they will feel intimidated or patronised. Then, we must stand tall and deliver it - just as they want it!

In a distinguished career spanning half  Nuts packing machine, Keith Rowe has managed the full journey from shop floor to boardroom. Along the way, he has headed the Australian sales and marketing operations for three of the world's largest Consumer Electronics manufacturers - Toshiba, Sanyo and Sharp.

We'll start with the supermarkets. It wasn't that long ago when the grocer was on hand to help us select the goods, pull them out of the shelves for us, and stack them neatly into environmentally-friendly brown paper bags for us. They even carried them to the car for us. These days, if we can just find one, we feel honoured to be able to push our own shopping trolley around. It seems that even the trolleys have been programmed to take any direction but ours, and when it is time to pay, we are now being told by a machine to scan everything ourselves. It is amazing to see that whoever wrote the script actually designed the machine to be ill-mannered. Certainly the ones I have used always 'tell' rather than 'ask' and the word 'please' is nowhere to be seen on the screen... 'and for goodness sake swipe that card the right way round or I'll call a person over here to deal with you'.

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