Rust Valley Restorers has all the makings of an engaging, binge-worthy real estate TV series rust valley restorers review. Given that it originally aired on the History Channel in Canada, all 8 of its episodes are immediately available to watch here, and it's super easy to binge. Rust Valley Restorers draws all the best elements from shows like Pimp My Ride and Cake Boss, giving its eccentric boss Mike and his crew enough charm and personality to make a fun and engaging sit-down series.

With more than 400 classic cars hidden in the stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, classic car enthusiast Mike decides to turn his lifelong hobby into a job and use his livelihood and life savings to make your dreams come true. With the future of the shop hanging in the balance with financial constraints, Rust Valley Restorers see Mike, Avery and the rest of the team working together to restore the old car to its former glory. In 8 episodes, they meet several different cars and work together to fix, sell or trade with potential clients.

Since I don't make outlandish claims without proof (if I were, I'd be a newspaper columnist rather than a media critic), let me qualify this advice. When I reviewed the first season last August, I said it was going to be a niche for the streaming giant, and usually, I was right. The Petrolheads love this show, and for good reason, but I'd also stress that it has a lot to offer a wider audience.

Like The Fringe Restaurant (season 2 is also coming out today if you're interested), it's a Canadian import, and Canada's domestic attitudes work well in such a concept, and it's quite infectious. But unlike that bright and cheerful show, Rust Valley restorers rejoice in things that go wrong and dirty. Still about Mike Hall and his company Rust Bros Restoration as they restore classic cars with all the infectious enthusiasm they can muster, it's a great audiophile TV.

Parting Shot: We saw Mike selling the Nova at the swap for $10,000 and a bunch of parts he could use for other restorations, while Connor patted his dad on the back as he drove across the field, Because he finally got out of one of his cars. .

Sleeper Star: I don't know what the guy's name is, but one of Mike's mechanics hit him in the face with a crowbar while he was trying to reinstall the Lincoln soft top and his lips started bleeding profusely, he seemed more than anyone All distracted by the others. This is quite difficult.

Most Pilot series: A little more Mike's backstory would be nice. When he says "I've put $2 million into this" we're only taking it on the surface. But the $2 million includes what he thinks the collectibles and the land are worth, plus the $300,000 he invested in the startup, and operating costs. How much he actually invested, no one can say.