There are many different types of damage and abbreviations in World of Warcraft, of which DoT is probably the most commonly used one.

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DoT stands for "damage over time". This is a description of the ability to inflict a debuff on a target, dealing damage to it over a period of time instead of all damage at once.

The type of damage over time is often referred to as "dots", while the damage effect over time can be magical or physical. Usually DoT appears in the form of bloodshed, and this damage usually comes from warriors, rogues, and feral druids. In addition, there are many magical DoTs that characters can inflict, the most common of which are warlocks and shadow priests through "dotting up" enemies the damage caused.

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If you can manage DoT effects well, it is very important to optimize the overall damage, and it is also very important to know when not to use these skills. Sometimes, DoT can break the control effect of important crowds.

If you're playing on a classic server, you need to be careful when using DoT, as there is a debuff cap when facing raid bosses. When you're in a team of 40, you need to make sure certain Debuffs are always applied to team bosses in preference to less impactful DoTs.

DoT is the same as another common phrase HoT and, it means "healing over time". HoT effects are often referred to Buy TBC Classic Gold as "hots". Among the most widely used are those healing roles, namely restoration druids.

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