The bay11 strain has a wide range of THC levels. It#39;s a High Times Cannabis Cup winner that energises and uplifts consumers#39; spirits. Bay 11 weed may also help with concentration and is a good alternative for daytime use. On the other hand when we talk about black diamond kush it is extremely strong, both in terms of flavour and effects. It has a strong blackberry flavour with hints of burnt toffee and oak. Because this strain is known to have psychedelic effects, you may feel as if your surroundings are truly gleaming like diamonds. Without the sedating couchlock, this is a great way to unwind and laugh.


 Black Diamond Kush Strain is a strain that has a reputation for being one of the most potent marijuana strains available. Black Diamond was grown to have a THC content of roughly 21% on average, with the maximum reported level at around 24%. Unfortunately, you would be correct; Black Diamond, like most exceptionally potent marijuana strains with THC levels above 20%, has essentially Zero CBD at all.


 The THC concentration of the Bay 11 weed strain varies significantly depending on the testing you read. According to certain testing, it contains about 15% THC. Other readings, on the other hand, reveal a THC content of 25%. In general, Bay 11 should have a THC content of around 20%. Bay 11 has been shown to have a CBD level of up to 1%, according to certain tests.

 Medical Benefits-: Both Black diamond Kush and Bay 11 weed provide different medical benefits to their users.

 The most popular medical usage of the Black Diamond Kush is to help with stress-related disorders, particularly insomnia. While Bay 11 weed is popular among recreational users, it also offers MMJ sufferers a variety of options. It causes a wave of euphoria, which improves one#39;s mood. As a result, those who are depressed may want to consider utilizing it.