What is an airless pump bottle from Cream Pump Dispenser Manufacturers?
Unlike common dispensers that use a tube or straw to pump the product out, the airless pump bottle works with a vacuum mechanism.

The airless pump bottle consists of three parts:

Base: There is a small hole in the base that creates a vacuum effect and can suck in air
Plate: Inside the bottle, there is a plate (or disc) on which your skincare products are placed.
Pump: The suction action creates a vacuum effect to extract the product.
With each puff action, the product on the plate (inside the bottle) is pushed up by the vacuum effect - air enters the hole in the bottom of the bottle, pushes the plate containing the product, and pushes it up.

First Use: Filling the Vacuum Pump Bottle
Like any new cosmetic bottle, you will need to "prime" the airless pump bottle the first time you use it. Pump down slowly about 10-15 times ("strokes"), this will create the vacuum needed to dispense the product and essentially activate the vacuum pump system.

TIP: If your dispenser stops working at any point, simply repeat the start-up process to reactivate the airless pump system.

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