Stormveil Castle Cleanup - How to Activate Godrick's Great Rune.Finally it is time to get rid of the treasures found in Elden Ring Items the castle and also activate Godrick's Great Rune. Reteleport to Liftside Chamber Spot of Grace . Then head back to the heavily guarded main gateway that can be accessed via the courtyard. This path is a bit easier to clear from the rear, but it's still difficult to clear. Utilize stealth wherever possible but don't annoy several enemies at one time. Do not be afraid to back off if you need some extra space or need some time to recover.

When you get to the next set of stairs, you must remember that this area is heavily guarded by two turrets along with numerous firebomb-throwing soldiers. If you are able to use a ranged attack, you may be able to knock out the turret troops from a distance however otherwise just make sure to run as fast as you possibly can to the bottom to be able to escape their reach. From here, you are able to climb the rocks which are piled on top of the wall, and then jump over the gap and reach the posts at the point where the turrets can be found in order to take their attackers down and find the Arbalest.

Continue on to the next open space where you'll be confronted with another large army of soldiers. Similar to the courtyard , you should draw them out at a slower pace and avoid to bring on the huge lion adversary at the side of your path. If you look down the path you'll be able to see the front gate and The final Spot of Grace from here however, don't rush towards it because there are more hidden turrets around the corner that are ready to blow you off the face of the earth. Do your best to sneak around the wall on the right side so they'll never see you. and then climb up to their platform to kill all the turret operators, and cheap Elden Ring Runes then loot Smithing Stone [2] and Smithing Stone [1] on their platform.