Tamoe Highlands (Act 1) Pit, Tamoe Highlands (Act 1)So what Act 1 location will players like to visit If they're stuck in Hell difficulty and are in D2R Ladder Item search of a boost in their game? The Pit is located in Tamoe Highlands. In the second level of this cave dungeon, you'll find the golden chest, which contains several valuable items. All players need is their Magic Find gear and do the normal Pit run.

The terrain isn't difficult enough-- perhaps even easier as the Countess Run so many can get away with poor gear. For a quick trip the players be required to teleport to an Outer Cloister instead and head towards Tamoe Highlands to search for The Pit.

Maggot Lair, Far Oasis (Act 2)On to Act 2. One of the most exciting the dungeons of that stage in the adventure is the Maggot Lair located somewhere near the Far Oasis. It's a set of tunnels and contains a large number of enemies and an impressive set of rewards at the final. With the perfect Bonemancer or Javazon build will make farming run easy.

A few players do not prefer this since it's not perfect for specific builds. Even melee-focused ones like Frenzy and Whirlwind Barbarians can be safe here because enemies are known to block one another Cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected Items. They're essentially queueing up in order to kill each other.