Before we discover much more about this wonderful brand within the last decade, continues to be dedicated to dressing brides with the most beautiful and ethical of gowns, let's enjoy these beautiful images, captured inside the designer's gardens.

"We desired to create an environment, throughout this editorial, that will feel cozy, intimate, and less destructive to mother nature. We know that lots of brides possess a stereotypical image within their minds about the concept of a sustainable wedding, and thus we desired to provide inspirational styling ideas that proved you can still possess a magical, creative wedding plus an eco–and vegan-friendly celebration too."

"The photoshoot follows our bride, a young spirit, sustainably celebrating love, by selecting a beautiful boho wedding dress, eco-friendly flowers, cruelty-free beauty items, vintage furniture pieces, a vegan wedding cake, sustainably upcycled table decor, wedding shoes that support higher-level craftsmanship as well as an overall eco-friendly wedding setting and planning that exemplify upcycling and local handcrafts."

The designer's home studio, Seto Mahal, provided the most breathtaking backdrop for this shoot. The Seto Mahal, a Georgian estate of two centuries of history, is encompassed by acres of enchanting gardens and woodland and boasts uninterrupted views of the rolling landscape around the edge of the Wolds, a place of natural outstanding beauty.

"The gown utilized in this photoshoot may be the Laurel gown, which is made from layers and layers of extremely delicate hand weaved Chantilly lace. The lace is intricately crafted by French artisans with more than 100 years of history. It is then combined with organic silk, hand-spun, and hand weaved 100% bamboo produced by local artisan communities, that support women empowerment in remote villages in Nepal."

"When a bride visits the feeltimes dresses studio, we have seen the great thing about the silhouette, but many importantly we explore the bride's unique personality," When the gown makes her have the best version of herself, then yes, she's found the one", she concludes.

Laurel would be a perfect option for bringing Charlotte's personality, an intimate English Rose, and a brand new dawn. As the gown and bride reflected each other-the youthful spirit, natural rosy tone, and the effortless great thing about our Bride Charlotte, were an ideal canvas for Laurel's gown.

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