New World is kicking off a brand new update that will add new PvP events, including the planned 3v3 arenas. After a long-term request from the community, New World finally accepted this feedback from players and added this new content to the game.

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If this feedback is finally realized, our greatest thanks go to the community, who have played a vital role in the upcoming changes. Amazon Games has mastered the New World Gold difficulties and differences between players through extensive feedback and artificial intelligence learning tools, allowing the game to expand further.

The developers revealed that close to 1,500 bugs have been fixed since the February update. In the bug list, you can see that it includes 600 minor bugs and polish-oriented things, and 900 major issues and bugs that make New World difficult.

But looking at the upcoming 3v3 Arenas, the only thing we know is Outpost Rush, and there is no PvP news beyond that. For a long time, we have been stagnant in open world and PvP of war, and now with 3v3 Arenas, the journey of the game will become more interesting for every player.

3v3 Arenas will be played in a BO5 format, which means you only need to win three of the five games to claim the final victory. Additionally, you can queue as a team or as a solo queue.

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