4g lte gps tracker is a terminal with built-in GPS module and mobile communication module. It is used to transmit the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through the mobile communication module (gsm/gprs network), so that it can be realized on the computer. Query the terminal location on .

1. Get the 4g lte gps tracker device, you can buy the GPS device on the market or on JD.com.

2. Log in to the platform and register your account. Reminder: Do not throw away the box, it has the IMEI number and activation code on it. If there is no IMEI number and activation code, the device will not be able to register.

3. After registering and activating the device, you can view the location of the device on the map. At the same time, the 4g lte gps tracker must ensure that the SIM card is installed and the data package is opened before it can be used normally. Recommended viewing: Why does 4g lte gps tracker need a SIM card

4. Mouse click operation - track, zoom in, playback, close

Easy to click with the mouse, you can instantly locate the target. When the positioning result is displayed on the electronic map, various electronic map operations can be performed. Multiple targets can also be located at the same time. Specifically include:

★Zoom in and zoom out: You can zoom in, zoom out, display the full image, and center the map on the electronic map.

★Navigation function: It can display the movement track of the target, calculate the running speed and direction of the target, and realize the fuzzy query of place names.

★Target tracking: You can select multiple targets for real-time tracking, and view the real-time position, speed and direction of the target.

★Track playback: History playback allows you to view all driving information (drag the small dots to view each record point).

4g lte gps tracker https://www.eelinktracker.com/news/the-reason-why-we-need-4g-gps-tracker-not-2g-3g-gps-tracker.html