Understand The Laying Knowledge Of Rubber Wires And Cables
Rubber wire and cable should not only pay attention to the production quality, but also pay attention to the laying and installation process. Rubber wires and cables tell everyone that they must understand the laying of rubber wires and cables.
1. Check the rubber wires and cables during installation. On the one hand, it is necessary to check whether the design requirements are met. On the other hand, it must be ensured that the types, specifications, and lengths of the rubber cords and cables used are the same. All rubber wires and cables should be checked. Check the design drawings.
2. When installing the metal cable tray bracket, please pay attention to check the number of all exposed cables. For hidden cables, please conduct spot checks at a rate of 20%, and no less than twice. This kind of inspection is relatively simple, only need to observe and check the hidden engineering inspection records.
3. Strictly require the laying process of rubber wires and cables. The laying process of rubber wires and cables is very important, especially the minimum clear distance between the uppermost cable support and the top of the structure or the bottom of the beam to meet the requirements of the cable bending radius when the cable is energized. Power distribution cabinets, tables, boxes and trays are on it. In addition, the minimum static distance to other equipment should be greater than 300mm. If these requirements cannot be met, a protective board should be installed as needed.
4. When laying rubber wires and cables, please make sure that the insulated conductor has a certain margin in the slot box, and pay attention to the cutting of the ring. The distance between the binding points should be less than 1.5m. If the length of the straight part is greater than 3.2m, the distance between the fixed points should be less than 1.6m, and ensure that the wires in the slot box are neat and orderly.
5. Pay attention to the color of the painted wires. If a multi-phase power supply is used, the color of the insulation layer of insulated wires in the same building should be the same, and the number of wires should be checked by observation.