The lab is used to Lost Ark Gold unlock new features in your stronghold. The unlocking of new recipes for the workshop, enhancing the components of the stronghold and unlocking new types of ships can be accomplished from the laboratory. Research projects can take a long time to complete and typically require wood and ore.

Lost Ark Stronghold Manor Menu

You can create certain structures in your stronghold that grant an effect that is passive. This menu will determine which passives you would like to keep active at any given moment. For example platinum founders were given a train cosmetic that offers bonus crafting for your stronghold.

Training Camp

Unlocked upon buy Lost Ark Gold reaching level 52, the training camp allows users to boost levels of your characters. The ability to level up your characters to 2 levels below your most advanced level character. In other words, if you have a level 60 character it is possible to only level your alts up to level 58 through this system. The process of leveling your characters in the training camp can take a few months or days depending on your character's current level as well as your maximum level. You are still able to use the characters currently in working, so this is an option for free XP farm.