Degassing Aluminum Casting Unit


Degassing Aluminum Casting Unit removes the hydrogen and harmful impurity from aluminium and aluminium alloy fusant.


Degassing Aluminum Casting Unit adopts advanced high silicon melting technology to get a long service time, degassing rotor, heater protection thimble and thermocouple protection thimble adopt ceramic manufacturing technology which can meet producing high-precision aluminum requirements.


Online degassing unit shall be installed between furnace and casting equipment. It is used for hydrogen (H) and slags removal from molten aluminum. The online degassing unit has dual functions: processing and heating. It serves high precision molten aluminum purification industry.


The equipments allocated graphite rotors during swiftly revolving take inert gases into the fusant to make bubbles and when the bubbles are in the process of floating taking along with the hydrogen and impurity coming to the fusant surface.


Degassing Aluminum Casting Unit is installed between the aluminum melting furnace and casting equipment. Specifically speaking, it usually locates between the filter box and the outlet of the furnace. When molten aluminum flows into the degassing box, it diffuses inert gas into molten aluminum through the rotating impeller. After collision, capture, adsorption, and partial pressure effect, it will bring the H out of molten aluminum to realize the purpose of continuous on-line degassing.





Degassing Aluminum Casting Unit Characteristic


1.It is tilting type without the need of draining.


2.It is rotating titling and don’t need heat-preservation


3.Totally molten aluminum casting and can change the alloy rapidly.


4.Portable and movable type, preheated by liquefied gas automatically fast heating-up


5.Hydraulic operation, humanized program management


6.Less easy worn parts, safe and reliable


7.Low operating cost, and thoroughly resolves the intensity of labor


Classification of cast aluminum alloys


Each cast aluminum alloy is designated by a four digit number with a decimal point separating the third and the forth digits.


The first digit indicates the alloy group according to the major alloying element:


1xx.x Aluminum 99.0% minimum;


2xx.x Copper (4%...4.6%);


3xx.x Silicon (5%...17%) with added copper and/or magnesium;


4xx.x Silicon (5%...12%);


5xx.x Magnesium (4%...10%);


7xx.x Zinc (6.2%...7.5%);


8xx.x Tin;


9xx.x Others.