Golden State Warriors forward NBA 2K22 MT Andrew Wiggins has increased his score by 2 points, bringing his overall score to 85 as he gets ready for his debut All-Star Game. Two more players who are first time All-Stars, Darius Garland and Dejounte Murray, both upgraded in the latest update, and each is scored with 87 overall.

Garland is particularly impressive this season, helping keep Garland's Cleveland Cavaliers in playoff contention with the team's top mark of 20.3 per game and 8.0 assists per game. An injury to his back has limited Garland's play in recent weeks, however, Garland has scored a minimum of 27 points in his last three games when he's playing.

The new update didn't be kind to all, not just Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook's scoring dropped by two points to 79, extending a decline while his efficiency remains an problem with his squad.

James Harden is down to 90 overall 2k22 mt for sale following his trade to the Philadelphia 76ers, falling one point. A muscle injury in his hamstring has kept this guard off the court since Feb. 2, but he is likely to return once it is time to play for Philadelphia.