If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I entered Elden Ring knowing Elden Ring Runes I wouldn't be 

able beat them--at least, not all of them. So when I discovered that an option 

to turn off the Elden Ring photo mode mod had an option to render myself 

inaccessible to enemies I decided that I wanted to live as a tourist in The 

Lands Between, mingling with monsters , not fighting them. Instead of taking 

selfies, I used it as a way to discover the massive open spaces safely.

Safely-ish. Oddly enough, after rendering them harmless I still ended up 

getting hit by monsters. Twice. Turns out Elden Ring isn't entirely safe 

regardless of how much you cheat.To add a little immersion to my Elden Ring 

tourist adventure, I make a Prisoner class character as I believe that a guy 

dressed in rags wearing a large cooker on his head (I refer to him as 

Pottrick) wouldn't even get noticed among all the odd sights of the world.

In the absence of the instructional, I perform the same thing I've been doing 

in my normal game: head north, select some flowers, and then buy a horse. But 

this time, I don't need to scuttle around fearfully. I'm as courageous as the 

other monsters in the game. I offer my bouquets of flowers for the vendor in 

my church, and then purchase a torch should I want to explore some caves. I 

also buy a telescope, something a tourist might want when visiting a new 

country. The telescope sucks. That's my sole Elden Ring suggestion worth 

mentioning Do not bother to buy the telescope.

Wandering freely throughout Elden Ring is a genuinely pleasant experience. The 

world is breathtaking and fascinating. I love having the opportunity to walk 

into creatures, check out their wonderful designs and animations and details, 

and see what they are up to in their free time. Which isn't easy to do when 

they're trying to harm you.

Granted: they don't do much. There's not an ecosystem within Elden Ring, as 

far as I'm concerned. I've never seen creatures that hunt the strange rolling 

goats or taking swipes at the birds perched upon cliff edges. I've only 

witnessed one incident between two mobs , and I think that was a scripted 

action rather than an emergent act. However, it's still a fascinating spot to 

wander around. I see zombies digging in the dirt around the castle's crumbling 

walls and wonder what they're trying to discover. I stumble across a winged 

demon creature singing opera , and am allowed to sit and listen to it in a 

respectful manner. I pull out my torch to join those bizarre procession that 

sway along the streets. I might be a typical tourist, but I feel like I'm 

fitting in well here.

I even ride alongside the imposing Tree Sentinel, though with my shabby rags 

and cooker's helmet as well as a stolen sword resting on my shoulder I do feel 

a bit undressed. I make a conscious effort to choose enough flowers and 

collect enough butterflies to trade for some real armor and a large weapon. 

This way, when I go on my next ride with him, I'll look a bit like the Junior 

Tree Sentinel instead of being a grubby pretender.

While I am invisibly to all the evil out there however, the world functions 

and it's full of surprises. I open my chest and be transported to another area 

of the world. Wolves suddenly drop from the sky as I'm driving down a path, 

scaring the crap out of me. I walked through the tunnel and it collapsed and 

threw me into an area that contained a huge rodent. The incident isn't fatal 

because I've totally gotten rid of the game, but it's still stupendous. Sorry 

to disturb you, giant rat.

But leave it entirely to Elden Ring to be dangerous as hell regardless of the 

mod rendering the game completely peaceful. At one point I come upon an NPC 

who asks me to write an email to her father in a castle. It takes me a while 

to locate the castle (because she wasn't entirely clear on where it was, and 

there's plenty of stuff that resembles castles inside Elden Ring). But 

eventually, I find it, and wander for a long time trying to find her father. 

Then I'm about to end into death.

Once my heart starts to beat again, I realize it was a planned event in order 

to let the critter crash through the destructible crates. It wasn't really 

aiming at me because it can't see me. I happened to have been able to trigger 

it and ended up into its path. At first, I thought the game was overriding my 

mod, like it had got bored of my peaceful wandering and excessive looting.

If it occurs one time, it is likely to be repeated So I go from the Church to 

buy the chainmail armour. Just in case! It's probably best to have done. While 

checking out another horrifying monster inside the same castle, I choose to be 

in front of it while it stalks around with a massive axe. It smacks me, but 

it's unable to move to move, which I find hilarious. It's a silly monster that 

can't even move an insignificant prisoner out of your way?

OK. The lesson learned. Don't be a mocker of giant beasts while using a cheat 

to keep them safe. I absolutely deserved to get an enormous axe on the head 

for this. (And the fine reflexes I have?) Again, I assume this is triggered if 

the creature is pushed into something that is destructible so it is able to 

clear the path and continue its patrol. However, it's still like the game is 

getting increasingly annoyed and I've changed it to a simple walking 

simulator. Fair enough. I think I should get returning to collecting mysicle, 

and then trade them for a little more armor.

Another surprise arrives a bit later: I am attacked. It takes me some time to 

remember that AI-controlled NPCs in addition to other players, can invade 

games (the mod, of course is only available offline). And the invaders are 

actually a welcome sight because while they don't attack the player, they 

actually look at me. They come up and stand just in front of me and can even 

chase me for a few minutes before disappearing. Honestly, it's nice to have 

the company of an invader from time to moment. I enjoy being able to approach 

monsters, but being totally invisible on Elden Ring can feel a small bit 


After a couple of hours of exploring , and feeling I've seen very little from 

this area (Elden Ring is, um quite massive) I've decided to end my little 

tourist holiday. Being able to play in peace is a good method of observing the 

world and its inhabitants in an (mostly) safe manner but I've certainly 

disappointed a few people in the initial game for myself. In addition to 

sightseeing and collecting flowers and butterflies there's nothing other to do 

aside from snapping pictures and following zombies around.

There's one more thing to consider to do before I leave for vacation But, it's 

a final thing. I've got armor and a helmet, as well as a adequate shield, and 

an incredibly oversized sword. Finally, I can do a few laps in my golden Tree 

Sentinel and feel like an actual Sentinel trainer instead of a grubby tourist. 

Also, I ended up taking a bunch of selfies. How could I not? Take a look at 

some of the vacation pictures below, but keep in mind that they depict a wide 

range of Elden Ring monsters you may want to discover for Elden Ring Runes for sale