The Use Of Rubber Wires And Cables Is Very Wide
The difference between wire and cable is that the size of the wire is generally small and the structure is relatively simple, but sometimes the cable is also classified as a broad wire. In a narrow sense, it is divided into wires and cables, and in a broad sense, they are generally collectively referred to as cables. So, what is the difference between wire and cable?
According to experience, the low-voltage power line has a large load current, so generally choose the cross section first according to the heating condition, and then check its voltage loss and mechanical strength; low-voltage lighting line because of its higher voltage level requirements, you can first follow the allowable voltage loss conditions Select the cross section, and then check the heating conditions and mechanical strength; for high-voltage lines, first select the cross-section according to the economic current density, and then check the heating conditions and allowable voltage loss; for high-voltage overhead lines, check the mechanical strength. If the user is inexperienced, the opinions of relevant professional units or persons should be consulted.
1. The current carrying capacity of the aluminum core wire of the rubber wire and cable of the same specification is about 0.7 times that of the copper core. The aluminum core wire can be one size larger than the copper core wire. The cross-linked polyethylene insulation can be a smaller size. Choose a larger size.
2. The calculated capacity of this table is based on three-phase 380V, Cosφ=0.85, if single-phase 220V, Cosφ=0.85, the capacity should be × 1/3.
3. When the ambient temperature is high or the open method is adopted, the safe current carrying capacity will decrease. At this time, a larger size should be selected; when it is used to frequently start the motor, 2 to 3 larger sizes should be selected.
Due to the various characteristics of rubber wire and cable, it has a very wide range of applications. So many people have seen its business opportunities, which has led to more and more brands of it, which leads to us when we can buy it. I don’t know which brand I’m buying is right, and I don’t know which brand is guaranteed. Why do people look at the popularity of this rubber wire? It turns out that its weather resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, its sun protection, water resistance, and oil resistance functions, as well as its anti-UV, anti-aging, flame-retardant, etc. The characteristics determine that its scope of use is not general and wide.