JetBlue Airlines was established in 1998, more than a decade ago. Over this span of time, the airline has set its best foot in the travel industry. People can travel to over 105 locations worldwide. It operates more than 250 aircraft with the best travel facilities available. 

There are times when you might have to terminate your existing booking. For such a situation, JetBlue has its cancellation policy and process. You can make the withdrawal yourself or can simply call the Jetblue customer service number and ask for the assistance of a live representative. 

In this article, we will give you a detailed explanation of the cancellation procedure and policy that the airline follows every time someone terminates a reservation. Read this post up until the very end to know when you can claim a refund and how much penalty does Jetblue charge. 

JetBlue cancellation policy

JetBlue cancellation policy is a set of terms and conditions that the airline follows whenever a customer terminates a booking with it. 

Let us take a look at what the policy has to say.

  • You can make flight booking termination on the same day of flight ticket purchase for free. The airline will not charge a penalty on such bookings that were made a week or more in advance. 
  • When the airline cancels a flight, you do not face any loss. Just claim your money back or request a seat on the next flight and you are good to go. The airline credits a hundred percent refund in such unfortunate circumstances. 
  • In case you terminate a non-refundable flight ticket, Jetblue will deduct a cancellation fee from your flight fare. It charges USD 100 on domestic and USD 200 on international flights. 
  • Any refund will reflect in your account within seven to ten business days. In case you do not receive your refund, contact the airline and ask for an update. 

Jetblue also offers a full refund under certain circumstances. This includes sudden demise, illness, or jury duty. Present your papers to the airline and get your flight fare back. 

JetBlue cancellation procedure

To make an online termination of Jetblue booking, go along the steps given below. 

  • Open the website and head to the manage booking option on the menu bar. 
  • Fill in your flight number and the name on the ticket you wish to cancel.
  • Hit the find flight button and move to the next page. 
  • Here, in the options, click on the cancel button and confirm the procedure. 
  • Once the airline receives the request, it will terminate your booking and send you an email about the same. 

If you have any more queries or need further help with the cancellation, you can dial the Jetblue customer service number and get in touch with an expert from the team.