Application of GPS fuel monitoring system shall enable the fleet management company has a better view of vehicle fuel costs consumed by the fleet, avoid fuel thefts, and reduce fuel costs.

Fuel costs can amount up to one-third of all line operating costs. Having an accurate energy monitoring and control system is one of the main ways to cut operating costs and increase effectiveness.

GPS tracking systems now have a sizable impact to fleet control or private needs, seeing that it is able to assist decrease a gasoline consumption, view vehicle status etc. With help of gps tracking software, gps with fuel monitoring device and fuel level sensor, it is possible to check fuel amount used during travel, left in tank, fuel theft or fuel leak every time you want it.

As well, driver’s behavior: speedy acceleration, harsh braking and over speed driving, place direct impact on gasoline consumption, which means driving behavior must be well controlled. Furthermore, fuel monitoring sensor can effectively prevent driver fraud in a fleet management.

What is GPS fuel monitoring composed of?

Fuel consumption monitoring system is composed of 3 parts: GPS tracking device, fuel monitoring sensor and fleet management center.

  1. GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking device is a location tracking and reporting device, installed on vehicle and update position information to fleet management center. A GPRS enabled SIM card is inserted into it to enable communication via SMS and GPRS.

  1. Fuel monitoring sensor

Fuel monitoring sensor is a kind of sensor to measure fuel or liquid level height and send the height data to GPS tracker. There are mainly 2 types of fuel level sensor in type of installation method-ultrasonic fuel sensor and fuel probe.

Ultrasonic level sensor offers noncontact installation without damaging the oil box. Vice versa, to install fuel probe, the tank must be tampered to open a proper hole for sensor going into the tank.

With fuel amount changes, the sensor shall detect changes in the output signal, either RS232 or RS485 or Analog voltage, which will be collected by GPS tracker and transferred to fleet management software.

  1. Fleet management center

Fleet management center is a cloud based real time tracking software to collect data sent by GPS tracker and display the collected details in a user friendly format. Normally gps tracking hardware supplier shall provide admin login for buyers to monitor their own fleets and mange their own customers.