Find Out Why Now's A Perfect Time to Update Your Website - and How

Ask yourself: what level of spring cleaning did you manage to get to this year? Did you clear your gutters, clean out the pantry briansclub, or organize your closets?

What do you think of your website for business? Shouldn't it be given a new beginning too?

Websites are living, breathing entities. They are living breathing things that require maintenance.

This is why spring is an ideal time to clean your site and take the dust that has accumulated in the corner.

Stay tuned for my top six tips to make your website more modern:

1. Clean Up WordPress

How do you make sure your website is updated? At the simplest level you can update WordPress.

WordPress is a software, and all software must be upgraded regularly to ensure that it is secure and operating efficiently.

In addition to ensuring that WordPress is up-to-date, any plugins you're making use of should be up-to-date. It's also recommended to check regularly for broken links and eliminate any media you aren't using.

Based on your technical abilities It could be simpler to say than done. Don't begin experimenting with an aspect of the background to your site unless you are familiar with WordPress and have backups that are reliable (it is a good idea to be aware of what you can do with the backups, in the event that you need them).

If you are working with a reliable web development company they will be able to handle the basic maintenance of your site for you.

If you're not receiving regularly scheduled maintenance on your website, it could be beneficial to get in touch with your web designer and request monthly updates.

2. Update Website Content

The images and text on your site represent your brand to the world. Hence, your homepage must be awe-inspiring or your visitors will not feel like they're in the right spot.

Does the content on your site paint the image you want to generate leads and sales? Are you getting the type of conversions you're looking for?

It's a good thing that altering the copy on your site is among the most simple changes you can make. Keep in mind that 'Copy is King' the digital world. If your copy isn't written properly it's unlikely to inspire trust from your prospective clients or propel them to the right direction.

Cleansing your website could be as easy as changing the headlines, or even changing your current specials. For instance, our client A Bear and Bison Inn frequently updates their specials and packages they provide (and aren't they attractive? ).

3. Get It A New Look

I'm betting you've walked at your home with the eyes of an amateur interior designer. It's likely that you don't have shag carpeting any more or the pastel-colored wallpaper that was popular in the 1980s.

I'm sure you're always tweaking the style of your house with a new rug here and there, or a new set of curtains - to ensure that it's contemporary and fresh.

It is important to apply the same attention to your site. Does it look similar to other websites you enjoy? Does it appear like it was created in the year 2000... perhaps five years ago, or even more?

Keep in mind that online trends are moving quicker than any other type of trend. This is why it's recommended to refresh your site every 3 or 4 years to ensure that it's current with the latest the most effective practices.

Make use of this spring energy to create a website that looks and feel modern and attractive to the market of today.

4. Create A Blog... or Update Your Blog!

A blog is the best method to keep your site's content fresh and up-to-date. Additionally, Google really rewards websites which are constantly updating their material.

Additionally, blog posts are a great way to interact with your clients and show your knowledge. They can also double as posts on social media and articles for newsletters.

We love the way our client Malary has created an "fashion show" blog post to show the latest fashions for Spring. It's a timelyand share-worthy piece of content, and an ideal way to show off their merchandise.

If you're looking to refresh your site think about including a blog section. You can call it your 'Blog,''Articles,''Stories,' or whatever suits your brand (note we file ours under 'Resources').

The most important thing is that you have a area on your site for publishing regular, fresh content.

If you have a blog, this is the perfect time to refresh it! A weekly posting schedule is optimal, but even posting every month, you can begin to pay off in the long run.

5. and a eNewsletter Signup

It's likely that you have an email list since it's among the most valuable marketing tools every business should have. Regularly scheduled newsletters are among the most effective ways to remain in the forefront of your prospective clients.