Marketing and pricing real estate can be a daunting task for both wholesalers, rehabbers and agents. It is important to know what can be a haggle. Being able to sell your project quickly can be difficult blue world city. And finally to get the money you owe for your work faster... well you already know how it ends occasionally.

Real Estate Pricing And Marketing: Know Your Numbers

My goal has always being to find ways to make the process more efficient and speedier for everyone so that they can focus upon closing transactions and earning money. A few of my friends and clients I've met do really struggle with juggling numbers between deals and the amount of money you spend on numbers in every deal you are making. It doesn't matter whether you are selling, buying rent, rehabbing, or wholesaling. You need to be aware of your costs and be sure to do it correctly. Without it, things can be falling apart and, should it happen, the center can no more hold. The snowball effect can range from you losing out on a good deal, or not be able to locate an appropriate leverage margin. It is also possible to not be able to secure a favorable rehab deal or wholesale contract. So, be aware of your numbers.

Finding The Right Real Estate Pricing And Marketing Software For Your Business

It doesn't require a mathematician in order to know the numbers. There are thousands of apps and software available that can aid you with some degree of data crunching. However, the real question is:


  • How do you tell what is authentic from fake?
  • How do you choose the best software to meet your company's needs?
  • How do you understand the need of your business to be able to match it with the right software?

These questions will remain unanswered if your company does not be aware of the right software for your company. One mistake could end up producing the wrong data, which could destroy your company.


For example, a rehabilitation wholesaler, broker agents, commercial real estate developers and investors may use the same or different software, in particular, may yield different results to various users based on what they intend to use the software for. Some software is specifically designed for a specific set of clients, while others are made to only serve one kind of market.

Another example is the rental sector in the real estate investing industry. Any software that is designed to target rentals will be advantageous to every landlord or property owners who relied more on rental income than flipping houses.

So there you have it. I hope this breakdown will help you know how to find the right software that suits your real estate needs.

In my experience, I came across this free software that you can not only do your valuation of the property as well as rehabilitation, analysis and closing much quicker. The program can also assist in helping you find buyers or sellers close to you , and help you locate lenders and obtain funding for your project. It's easy to make a killer and convincing presentation for lenders and partners, create flyers, and then send emails to your potential buyers and have them emailing or calling your in a matter of minutes.

A friend of mine told me about this program, and it is a free application and we are sharing this with all of you. It's definitely the best feature that can be found when you analyze incoming deals for lenders.