FSB FSB-L Fluoroplastic Pump adopts a new hydraulic model, an efficiency of 5%, a bold axis diameter, an extended bearing box, an increase in bearings, shorten the cantilever ratio, makes its performance more stable, can meet the corrosion in the chemical process The viscosity is similar to the liquid of water. The phenomenon of trip occasion occasionally when using FSB FSB-L Fluoroplastic Pump, this is a problem with many user headaches, but as long as you master the trip reasons and judgment methods, the improvement measures are proposed, and the effect is better after use. The reason why the equipment trip can be summarized as the following issues:

  1. The suction port only needs to retain a suction tube on top of the tank, but many of the equipment take over from the bottom of the tank, but if the bottom is inhaled from the bottom of the tank, it stops In the case of work, the can body form a negative pressure, the suction tube will take the water in the water pump to the tank under the action of negative pressure. The next time a large amount of water will be inhaled in the next time, this will cause the load of the FSB FSB-L Fluoroplastic Pump to cause a phenomenon that the supercurrent is tripping.

  2, two devices merge into a pipeline, but no valve is installed between the two pumps, just a one-way valve that cannot be completely sealed at the import. Since the vacuum pump is working in a way to use another standby, when one of the equipment is working, the water in another device is sucking, and even the exhaust gas of the work equipment. The tube is pulled back to the circulating water, the phenomenon of the atmosphere occurs, which will also cause a reason for the equipment trip.

  The above is a common reason why the FSB FSB-l Fluoroplastic Pump is tripped during use. Only after the staff understands this, it can take corresponding measures when burst this trip. This will not only save maintenance, but also improve work efficiency, but also maintain good operations of the equipment.

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