Storage of Injection Molds by Plastic Injection Mold Suppliers

1. Organize your mold storage area
Our first tip is to use a sturdy steel frame and maintain an alphanumeric system for storing molds. The molds are then stored digitally by assigning a mold number to each mold. This approach makes it easier for you to start or maintain pull dies for your project and prevents downtime.

2. Maintain a climate-controlled environment
Next tip: maintain a temperature and humidity controlled environment. This extends the life and health of the mold. Provide air-conditioned and humidity-regulated warehouse space to prevent damage. This also prevents molds from requiring unnecessary additional corrective maintenance, saving customers time and money.

3. Track and perform routine maintenance
Finally, perform and track necessary maintenance in a timely manner. Each mold enters the system at the beginning of its life cycle. All preventive and repair work is recorded in the system and linked to the mold. Additionally, if any work is being done off-site, we can mark the mold in the system as off-site and provide and track off-site maintenance details.

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