In the latest update to the MMORPG New World, Heart of Madness will bring Isabella's story to a close, introducing the musketeer, and offering some bug fixes and balance changes. The expansion will start where the current main story questline left off. If players want to get 100% Safe New World Coins, then is the best choice.

Players will follow Isabella into another version of the capital, Mikgard. The expedition will be called Heart of the Storm, and it's designed for five endgame players to solve together. This New World Coins update will also bring the Blunderbuss, a new weapon that's best suited for mid-to-close-range combat.

Players can decide whether to close the gap or keep the distance for more AoE damage, as Blunderbuss will have two mastery trees. Plus, it also has Legendary Weapon quests associated with it. Finally, the update will bring some unspecified balance changes and bug fixes, as well as new encounters in the world.

While the timing of the Hearts of Madness update is currently unknown, it's safe to assume that the update will hit the public beta realm first, followed by the main game. If players want to experience more fun in the game, it is very beneficial to prepare enough New World Coins. There is no doubt that is the first choice for players.