Despite missing the playoffs Mut 22 coins the previous year, Brady would kick off his 2003 campaign by breaking into the club of 90+ in Madden for the first time. The game of 2003 was played by cover player and cheat Code Michael Vick, but if you wanted a reliable pocket passer, Brady was an elite option. In real life, Brady would return to the Super Bowl that season and overcame a dramatic last quarter with the Carolina Panthers, whose Jake Delhomme was rumored to be the next Brady. The speculation would prove to be a short-lived. In 2003, and despite two Lombardi awards at that time yet, nobody knew how high he was going to set the bar in the future.

Venturing into truly elite company, Brady would kick off the defensive-minded Madden 2005 season as one of the best players on the field that made the Patriots the most important team to be playing the online game when players were eagerly awaiting the chance to try the brand-new Hit Stick on defenseless ball carriers. Brady was able to beat the Donovan McNabb- and Andy Reid-led Eagles in the Super Bowl, clinching the Patriots' place as the next NFL dynasty.

This could also be Brady's last madden 22 mut coins Lombardi for a couple of years, despite two utterly disastrous failures in the coming years. In the end it would have been logical to consider him an inductee into the Hall of Fame. As the late legendary Chris Wesseling often said of Brady that you could cut his career into two--eventually three--portions and, if each one represented a different person, each one would be in the Hall of Fame. Brady's sustained success was still the subject of a novel in the mid-aughts.