Among the hottest (and coolest) new umbrella products is what is called an offset or cantilever umbrella. Instead of getting a post in the guts, the cantilever umbrella is held up by a sturdy pole to the side and a rotating arm that connects to the "skin" of the umbrella. What this means is you need to use and best 16k ribs umbrella in bangladesh enjoy the whole shade section of the umbrella. It entails you can easily rotate the umbrella as sunlight moves to help keep providing shade and never having to move huge base.

Some models are equipped with a tip and lock feature, meaning the capabilities for providing shade are almost limitless.

A cantilever umbrella makes a good selection for poolside where, in certain situations, you are able to position the umbrella to offer protection from sunlight while you're in the water.

Another advantage to a cantilever or offset umbrella is so it can be utilized to shade a patio table without the need for a hole in the biggest market of the table. Then everyone seated at the table has an unobstructed view of everybody else.

There are three important factors to think about though, before you buy an offset umbrella. First, manufacturers do not recommend these large umbrellas (10 ft. - 11ft. diameter) for use where conditions are generally windy. Although they are usually well developed, their design makes them susceptible to instability in high wind.

Secondly, cantilever umbrellas require heavy bases for sufficient stability. The recommended weight is 100 lbs., although heavier is better. Special cantilever umbrella bases can be purchased in 110 lb. resin models and also in hollow style. Hollow bases are less expensive, but you must fill them with sand or concrete.