Quest cape (you likely already have this but if OSRS gold you don't then it's a fun and interesting objective); Top Chompy bird's hat (personally I like the red, but the yellow only adds a couple more kills); Minigames Hybrid gear 99 Construction, so I can build an awesome house (I recognize that it's technically a way to train to build a skill but my main goal is to make a great house , and not to simply to get 99). There are a couple more but I can't recall them at the moment.

I've been away from RS for about 3 years and am planning to return. I've been studying some of the recent updates released since I've been gone, and am just beginning to figure how to use the system, but only slightly.

I discovered that Dual Wielding had come out, and I was left with some concerns. Prior to playing the game, I played with an Abyssal Whip & an a Dragon Defender. Given that Dual Wielding has recently been made available I was thinking whether it's better to use an offhand weapon as opposed in the Defender. Which leads this to the second question I have.

What offhand weapon should I choose if I want to use Dual Wielding? I decided there was a good chance that an Abyssal Whip offhand replica I couldn't acquire at the moment, as I lacked the necessary abilities. So I decided either a Dragon Scimitar or a Dragon Dagger is the best choice, but then again I could be totally wrong.

If between a Dragon Dagger & Dragon Scimitar for an offhand weapon, how can I tell which to choose? The reason I ask is that, after having looked at Runescape Wiki, it says that both the Dagger & Scimitar come with the same damage (576) and accuracy (1132). It's up to you deciding which you prefer the looks of or something else? I was noticing that The Dagger is actually much cheaper though, so I thought about why you might go with the Dagger over the Scimitar. Scimitar.

I'm sure I've asked number of questions But I'm back! I've just reached 70 defence. Then my goal is to raise the three melee abilities to 70, then 75 before taking breaks. Att as well as Def are both at 70 with Str at 65.

Now I'm at 70 Def There are more alternatives when it comes down to armour. In particular I'm contemplating altering my body armour. The current one I'm using is an Granite Body and in all honesty I'm not much of an advocate for it, but it gets the job done. The question I'm really trying to answer is Barrows armor worth it for training? I'm not among the wealthiest (currently got just about 1.2m) and it seems to be a bit wasteful to me to constantly fix it when I don't take part in PK, or any other similar activity.

Should you go with Do you prefer a Granite Body, or is there another option I'm even sure of? Is it worth investing to get Verac's Brassard, for example? Barrow's armor is fairly good and cheap RS gold it is likely to weigh less than granite, and some of it has pretty good Prayer bonuses (not to mention that you'd want them).