After years of waiting, Lost Ark Lost Ark Gold has finally been released in the West and is everything we hoped it would be. The most recent MMORPG available is attracting huge player counts already, with gamers waiting for up to 5 hours just playing Lost Ark!

However, the MMO has actually been out since December , 2019 from South Korea. In addition, it is revealed, Korean players have access to a few extra classes already.

We've put together a guide to selecting the most suitable type of class in Lost Ark here. But we may soon need an updated guide because several class that aren't yet released could make their way to the game in the near future.

At present take a look at the Lost Ark classes tier list to see where your chosen class ranks!

Want to know more about the information Lost Ark may be getting in the near future? Look over the unreleased classes currently available for Lost Ark players in South Korea.

A Lance Master an Martial Artist subclass that can switch between a spear and an halberd as needed. Expect sweeping combos with huge range, devastating damage as well as the ability to control opponents in the air.

Like Lost Ark Gold for sale other Martial Artist classes, the Lance Master looks to be better at handling massive groups of adversaries, due to its sweeping gun animations and the skills.