Are you planning to enjoy your trip with full excitement, zeal & great delight in the United States? Get ready to explore your trip by visiting some great destinations & making your trip memorable.

As the United States is probably the most beautiful country & a great business hub for people worldwide. Therefore, it can also attract tourists with some great spots & culture.

Here is the list of 9 popular places you can visit in the states:

  1. Capitol hill:

The first name on your list should be Capitol hill, known as the symbol of the US. It's where the house of representatives & senate acquire their seats. However, The place stands above all the buildings in Washington DC. The prestigious venue has a marble terrace with an amazing view of malls & cities.

It has frescoes, paintings & reliefs to grace the interiors of capitol hill, followed by a rotunda under the cast-iron dome. The tourists can witness ceiling paintings by Constantino Brumidi & paintings influenced by American history.

Moreover, if you are willing to meet up a senate or witness a session in the house, then contact your senator or representative for the pass.

A secret passage with historical attractions takes you towards the Library of Congress, known as the world's biggest library.

  1. Lincoln Memorial:

You can visit the great Lincoln memorial, the second most attractive spot. Precisely a 19th ft marble statue of seated President of the country Abraham Lincoln well surrounded by 36 columns designed by Daniel Fench.

The inside wall is painted with murals depicting the important events in the presidents' life. However from being, Lincoln's memorial inspired by Abraham Lincoln's life also has a special place as Martin Luther King jr delivered his famous speech as "I have a dream" in 1963.

A place to spend your time & know about one of the great presidents.

  1. White House:

Are you visiting the US for the first time or several times? It's not quite possible to take an entire round, but you can visit some parts that will give you a royal vibe.

You literally can't miss visiting the white house; the only building painted in whole white color and an official residence of the President.

There are no conditions for entry; it's free entry, and the tour request in advance is preferred. Here are the timings who wish to have an inside look at the white house.

Tuesday and Thursday: 7:30 -11:30 am

Fridays and Saturdays: 7:30 - 1:30 pm.

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  1. National Air and Space Museum:

Welcome to the National Air & space museum! An interesting place to visit for the historians and the tourists as well. It's among the world's popular museums with a collection of historic air and spacecraft in addition to the 1903 original white brothers flyer. Meanwhile, you can also see the Spirit of St. Louis, the first plane to fly all alone through the  ocean. 

Many more historical collections include the recent Apollo 11 module, which is part of the first human-crewed lunar landing.

  1. Washington Monument :

A 555 ft structure monument was built & that is familiar to the national mall. It has a pool at the bottom area; although this historical monument was built to honor the nation's first president. Though approved in 1783 by congress, but somehow construction didn't start till 1848.

  1. National Gallery of art :

The United States popular National art gallery is divided into separate houses connected through a tunnel. It's one of the world's premier art museums & is based on the collection of treasury secretary Andrew Mellon. Apart from all these things the art gallery also includes European &American masterpieces with paintings & sculptures. Tourists can enjoy free concerts at the National Gallery on Sunday evenings from fall through spring.

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  1. National Zoological park:

Well, it's a great spot to enjoy & explore the beauty of nature with around 2000 different animals, birds, etc. Despite all these things, it's the world's best zoo not only for the top quality visitors rather for the best sustainability. However,the best animals to watch out for are red pandas, Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, etc. 

You can also watch out for the amazing subaquatic life of the Amazon, other than that you can also see among the world's largest freshwater fish swims deep down a tropical forest.

Here you will enjoy a pleasing view of zebras, vultures, river hogs along with multigenerational herds.

Look out for the schedule for feeding times best educational games related to animals. Meanwhile, if you want to experience something different, then you can visit here & enjoy the greenery.

8.The John F. Kennedy Centre for performing arts:

Another great venue that you can add to your wish list is the great John F. Kennedy Center of performing arts. It's home to the National Symphony Orchestra, which also hosts some great guest artists each year, including Washington National Opera, among one the nation's leading opera companies.

A great tribute to the American President that is designed by the architect Edward Durell Stone. 

The centre presents 2200 performing arts shows each year, Out of them 400 are free of cost also. Moreover, they also represent different types of music & theatres followed by the classical & contemporary.

  1. National Museum of African American history and culture:

It mainly focuses on developing the history, culture, & communal relations between the US & African citizens. Moreover that shows the bond of equality with the African diaspora.

Here the emphasis is on building up a better traditional relationship that includes food, culture, the influence of American & African sports stars.

They have historical artefacts displayed from both the nations including multiple showpieces with a high dignity with great sentiments and an aircraft as Spirit of Tuskegee.