The travel industry incorporated Delta Airlines as a new member of its family in  1925. This major airline of America kept its flyer at the top of its priority list since the start. From the best deals to amazing flight services, the airline has it all. 

Every day some of Delta’s passengers miss their flights due to many reasons. Looking at this the airline came up with a solution. Now, you can give a call to Delta Airlines español desk and inform the airline in case you are about to miss the flight. The airline will help you cancel or change your booking and save you from any loss. 

In this post, w will discuss what you must do in such a situation. Also, we will elaborate on the policy that the airline follows in detail. 

What To Do In Case Of Delta Missed Flight?

People miss their flights all the time. Sometimes it's because they are running late while other times they can not take the trip altogether. In either of these situations, the first thing you must inform the airline in advance. 

You can ask the representative of the airline to cancel or change your flight, as per your preference. The airline will terminate your booking under the conditions of Delta cancellation policy. However, for people who do not show up to the airport uninformed, the airline forfeits the flight fare. You might face a huge loss then. 

Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

The missed flight policy of Delta mentions what the airline follows when someone misses a flight. 

  • As we mentioned earlier, the first step should be pre-informing the airline. 
  • People who can reach the airport within 120 minutes after the flight takes off can ask the airline to change their bookings. You can grab a seat on the next available flight for the same day. You will need to pay additional flight change charges for this facility. 
  • In case you don’t want to travel, you can cancel the booking. According to Delta Airlines missed flight policy, the airline will deduct a same-day cancellation fee and transfer the rest to its customers. 
  • People canceling a refundable ticket can ask for a refund in the original mode of payment. However, non-refundable flight ticket owners will only get credits that they can use for future reservations. 
  • A no-show flight fare will be forfeited ending up in a big loss. 

Delta AIrlines does not follow its missed flight policy strictly. When a passenger calls Delta Airlines español help desk and tells the airline their situation, the airline operates what is best suitable for both. 


People who are still unclear about the functioning of Delta Airlines when someone misses their flight can call us. A live representative from our customer service team will clear all your doubts. In addition to that, we will also help you alter or terminate your bookings. You can reach us anytime since we are operating around the clock to make sure we are always there whenever our customers need us.