Star Wars: The Old Republic, like most RPGs, gives players the ability to choose which class to play when defending the galaxy. Whether the player fights for the Republic or the Empire, each camp has four classes with swtor credits, each with two specialties and three different combat roles depending on which class you can play as. However, in the classic RPG method, only the player's choice can determine whether the character is on the bright or dark side of the force.

Players choosing the Republic have base classes of Jedi Knight, Jedi Consulate, Soldier, and Smuggler, and players on the Empire side include Sith Warriors, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunters, and Imperial Agents. Select. With SWTOR, players can have multiple characters on a single server through a legacy system, so players aren't limited to a single class and their class story, with plenty of room for experimentation and exploration. BioWare is currently considering modifying the class system, so this guide will only cover the current core class options and advanced class and combat role equip options.

Each main class option has a different story in the story of the first three class chapters, which players will reveal as they progress through the core planets of the Old Republic. After completing the first three chapters of each class, the player unlocks that class's heroic abilities for use by all characters, regardless of class, throughout Legacy, with Jedi using Force Lightning or Sith and allowing the enemy radiate. flames, like Boba Fett. Heroic abilities that require the NPC companion to be active cannot be used in PVP battles, certain boss battles, and multiplayer operations that do not allow NPC companions, but wherever the player's NPC companion can fight. A useful tool for role play.

How to choose the best class for your fighting style
When deciding which class to use in the character creation process, it is important to consider which roles and combat styles players prefer or want to try in an RPG. SWTOR currently offers 16 advanced classes in 48 combat areas. This can be confusing for new players. To simplify this, the advanced class basically determines the equipment that the player character can equip in the class. The field of combat, on the other hand, determines the player's role in combat and the type of attack or ability the player has. Please note that with the release of Game Update 7.0 Legacy of the Sith, there will be combat styles that can act as multi-class abilities, such as the Jedi, which allows you to use abilities previously only accessible to the Sith class. . According to the official announcement.

Combat Roles, also known as Class Roles on the main SWTOR site, are divided into three categories: damage, healing, and tanks. These are typical basic combat types common to most MMORPGs, but not all advanced classes have all three as SWTOR player options. These are options for combat and class roles as of Update 6.3.2a.