Joining an MMO after the game from goldseasy is released is always intimidating. A myriad of post-expansion activities, mechanisms, and expansions usually result in the total loss of new entrants. MMOs' dislike of subscription models is usually a big deterrent, and in 2021 there won't be a decent free-to-play (F2P) MMO with an active player base.

SWTOR is a sophisticated subscription model to MMOs like FINAL FANTASY XIV and World of Warcraft, as well as a bridge between RPGs and single-player MMOs, with an F2P option that doesn't limit players if they just want to watch the story . you. The main selling point of the game. The game features eight stunning, fully voiced stories for each of the eight classes, each with their own character, companion, quest, and playstyle.

For those who are afraid of the MMO side, if you are only interested in the story, there is not much to learn. It's pretty intuitive, not overwhelmed by information, and as in-depth as it needs to be.

a little frustrated
My experience as a newcomer and F2P player for most of my time was good on Asterisk. Many other MMOs choose the "pay to win" experience, while SWTOR chooses the "pay not to be frustrated" experience.

There are three classes of players in the game. F2P players who have never used a penny, Preferred players who have spent some money in the past or have subscribed before, and Players who have subscribed. F2P and Preferred players have myriad limits, and F2P has particularly terrible limits. Priority players are a bit better and subscribers still have some restrictions, but not as many.

Behind subscription or premium currency, many quality of life (QoL) are locked. For example, a player, even a subscribed player, cannot check email in a game version of a house or apartment. Also, you cannot check your email on board. To see your email, you have to land somewhere and check your email inbox. You must pay with premium currency to unlock the "privilege" of checking mail at your house or ship.

F2P players are also a bit frustrated by the inability to access the cargo hold, which is one of the main forms of storage. They have access to legacy storage, but need to move to a base to access it, but usually each planet has an area to access cargo storage.

Some people may consider F2P or priority players a "pay" to play this game for free, but the fact that it's essentially designed to irritate players unless they test themselves doesn't change. Fortunately, it usually doesn't extend beyond quality of life. There are no time limits, reduced experience points, or story quest lockouts here.

SWTOR claims that F2P and priority players will get "less" XP, but that really means subscribers will get 20% more XP. F2P and priority players will earn experience points at normal rates.

You're locked out of the level cap, which is capped at level 60 from a max of 75 as F2P, but if you're just interested in stories and extensions, two are free. .. Both Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan are free for all players. For the rest of the expansion, even if you cancel your subscription, you will still need to pay for one month's subscription to fully unlock your account. This is very generous.