First of all, I believe the Runcrafting minigame, also known as old school rs gold the Great Orb Project, is the best way to earn money for f2p. So get 50 RC ASAP! Train Atk and then strike on Men on Edgeville. Then, you can go to the Guards at the Palace in Al Kharid, and finishing at the Flesh Crawlers in the second Stronghold of Secruity. The best place to watch Flesh Crawlers is in the south-east corner of the room.

Range: You could do it with the males as well, even at cows. Use this safe spot in between the two bowls of food south of the Lumbridge cow patch. After you've hit about 20 , you can move towards the Minotaurs on one of the levels of Stronghold of Secruity. Find a room that suits to your needs and then keep the spot from behind the fence.

Iron arrows fall off quite often, so it's basically free training. Around around 40, train for a while at Hill Giants until 50. Once you reach 50, head back towards the flesh creepers that are in that south-east corner of the room. They are located in the corner of the door closest to the wall. This is the case for both doors. (You can easily get 75 Str/Range at flesh crawlers)

If you're in the market for food take a trip to world 1 where fishermen power fish with free salmon and trout. Magic: Learn to use the mage dumbies until it stops you from doing so. After that, you'll have the magic level necessary for a few curses. You can cast these curse spells on the Zamorak monk inside Varrock Castle. Varrock Castle, which is located behind the steps.

Once you hit the right magic level ( I believe it's 25, I believe it is) cast Curse on the Zamorak monk. When you have reached the magic level you are able to also superheat (really fast xp), and you break even if you create Steel bars) or high alch. Don't pray, just make sure to fire cape buy osrs keep your attacks at 40 (45 for those who get 3h gravite).