Which weapon offhand should I use if Dual Wielding? I figured there was a good chance that an Abyssal Whip offhand replica I wouldn't be able to acquire at the moment, as I lacked the RS gold necessary abilities. So I thought either one of a Dragon Scimitar or a Dragon Dagger was the most appropriate however I could be wrong.

If I had to choose between Dragon Dagger & Dragon Scimitar as an offhand weapon, how am I meant to know which one to pick? The reason I'm asking this is because , having checked Runescape Wiki, it says that both Dagger & Scimitar are equipped with exactly the same damage (576) and accuracy (1132). So it it down to you to decide which one you like the look of or different? I have noticed how Dagger is more expensive. Dagger is actually much cheaper though, so I thought about why you might go with the Dagger over the Scimitar.

I know I ask a many questions however, I'm back! I've recently leveled up to 70 defence; basically, my goal is to get the three melee skill to 70, and then 75 before stopping for breaks. Att and Def are currently at 70 and Str is 65.

Now I'm at 70 Def, there are more options to choose from when it comes armour. More specifically I'm considering altering my body armor. Presently, I'm using an Granite Body and in all truth, I'm not an enthusiast of it but it gets the job done I guess. What I'm really asking is Barrows armour worth it just to train? It's not my biggest wealth (currently have just 1.2m) and it seems somewhat pointless for me to keep on fixing it if I don't have do anything else like PK.

Do you prefer an Granite Body, or is there an alternative I'm not even in the know? Are you willing to invest on Verac's Brassard to name a few? Barrow's armor can be pretty good It is probably a significantly less than granite, and some of it offers pretty decent Prayer benefits (not to mention that you'd want them).

In the long run, fixing will cost over the cost of a Bandos chestplate if you only occasionally employ Barrows and it lasts quite a long time, even if you don't do much combat. In terms of training, it's quite good and fifteen hours of training is a good amount of experience. Absolutely worth it if don't have the money to buy Bandos right away, since the buy OSRS gold initial ~1 mil followed by another 1 mil every fifteen hours is quite a good cost.