How to make chair molds from Chair Molds Suppliers that are lighter in weight but strong enough?
When starting to make a plastic chair design, we have to consider weight and strength. You can make the bottom area firm enough by adding more ribs. But what about the leg, back and armrest areas? To do this, you need to calculate or analyze the forces in each area... To make a lightweight chair strong enough, you can choose a PP material with a very low MFI. But in this way you need to make the mould very strong and you also need to make sure the injection fill is available since you are using MFI 4 or Max material.
How to do the exhaust on the backrest of the chair mold?
Some chair back designs are very complicated, there are many splicing lines, and some air cannot be discharged when the filling flows. For this, you may need to go through a mold flow analysis, and there are many areas in the chair mold that need ventilation.
How to make your chair mold finish last?
In order to keep your chair mold cavity and core from rusting from plastic material, you need to make sure that the steel is high chrome and has a hardness greater than HRC33. If you will be using some recycled material for the injection, you will need your chair mold to be hard chrome plated. Otherwise, you'll need to polish from time to time.

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