Businesses can now choose to serve their customers. Eco-friendly biodegradable food service products include paper plates and even cutlery.
blank pizza boxes Every day, businesses across America provide their customers with food service products that are
adding to landfills and robbing us of our precious trees. Provide online green product options, you can buy in bulk. Businesses can choose to include biodegradable food service products.
Biodegradable food service products
Pizza parlors, fast food restaurants, convenience stores and other food service businesses can improve the environment and stop ongoing harm. Landfills are growing at an alarming rate.
Studies show that only 7% of recyclable plastic is properly disposed of. pizza boxes wholesale The rest of these
products just go to landfills and take years to decompose. A plastic water bottle thrown into a landfill can take 1,000 years to decompose. Having options available to business owners will
benefit your customers and the environment. 5x7 paper bags Buy your food service products online and get eco-
friendly biodegradable products.
Your commercial choices are impacting the environment, and products made from treeless materials like corn starch, sugar cane and bamboo are saving trees every day. Protect trees and
avoid landfills by making smart choices for your business. Offer many green products in one simple online location. Buying all biodegradable food service products will be something you can
let your customers know about. Customers appreciate a business that focuses on the environment and not just their pockets. You have a heart to benefit the environment and protect trees,
green paper cups and your customers will appreciate your concern for the environment.
There are many benefits to using biodegradable food service products, such as cornstarch cutlery. These products tend to decompose in months rather than years. They don't accumulate in
landfills and cause problems that will have to be solved for years to come. 6oz paper cup They are high quality
products tested and approved by green product experts who specialize in providing products with value at a price and expert quality. Biodegradable paper plates, hot and cold cups and
cutlery are good for the environment and environmentally friendly.
For more information on excellent green products, visit the Hyde website. paper cone cups Hyde Company is
specialized in producing green disposable paper products. If you are going to buy some biodegradable food service products for your company, hopefully Hyde will be your first choice.
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price and product range ensure that your environmental needs are met.