New World is a career-free game, so players aren't forced to choose a certain way to play. The player's power increases with the level of weapon mastery. At the start of the game, players can complete the starting mission in any of the four starting locations. However, areas like Everfall often require killing higher level monsters, which can make completing side quests more difficult. It's a better idea to complete quests in First Light.

Crafting is one of the key parts of New World gameplay. Production has done a lot since the Alpha, and in the Beta, the system is quite compelling, making those long resource gathering tasks a lot more enjoyable. Players can spend time crafting random linen armor early in the game, but players won't be able to Buy New World Coins start crafting more powerful items and gear much later. What's more, players can sell them for huge profits.

In New World, players don't immediately become support characters or tanks, although players still want to focus on a certain build or playstyle. This is done by creating a build. During the first few days of New World, players use builds that should help players complete missions quickly and ultimately perform well in the game's dungeon system, Expeditions. Different weapons have different mastery trees, and players can unlock points and levels by killing enemies.

Players are free to choose to join one of three factions, the Marauders, the Covenant, or the Syndicate. Different factions have different cosmetic sets, but other than that, the functionality is largely the same. Opting for a smaller faction may yield greater benefits in the full version. In New World, every player wants to earn more  New World Coins, as this is the main currency in the game. For newbies, NewWorldCoins is the best option for players to get New World Gold.