The vacuum forming machine can produce silicone and rubber complex polygonal sporting goods, precision electronic parts, o-rings, key pads, rubber roller, medical bottle stopper, auto parts, small parts, shock absorption of the electric power industry supplies, special-shaped gaskets gaskets , conductive products , etc. Get more news about double deck compression forming machine,you can vist our website!

1、Convenient for workers to operate, The change of the molds can be realized easily, no need to remove the mold opening pedestal from the rail.
2、Double power systems, double oil pumps, double motors and double oil coolers are applied for the two axles to work independently.
3、The oil system is unique in design ,with good stability, faster lift-up and lift-down speed compared with other brands during unloading/loading molds.
4、With high vacuum and average pumping method, which is ensure the product stabilized and improved the quality and capacity.
5、Special mold open mechanism design, durable, long life, quiet mold in and out, fast, smooth.
vacuum rubber forming machine
Main business:
1. Silicone rubber hydraulic press molding machine and injection molding machine design, manufacturing, maintenance, and technical consultation & output.
2.Carbon fiber heating press molding machine design, manufacturing, maintenance, and technical consultation & output.
3.High pressure molding machine for PC,PC+PMMA,PMMA,ABS+PMMA,ABS+PMMA,thermoplastic ABS/PP/PA fiber sheet and so on.
4.Customized services for special shape products molding machine,ultra high temperature molding machine .
5.Turn-key Program in Rubber and silicone Industry.