With the continuous improvement of the economic level, the masses have begun to change from living hard to enjoying life. A superior driving experience is inseparable from some essential car accessories, including the vehicle refrigerator to be said today.

  Self-driving tours are also gradually emerging in China, and have become a popular leisure method. With a suitable car refrigerator, you can enjoy a variety of fresh fruits, drinks, and even bring some frozen food for an outdoor barbecue in the green mountains and green waters to relax your body and mind. And we should also pay attention when using the car refrigerator when going out.

  1. Maintain a good ventilation and heat dissipation environment and keep away from other heat sources.
  2. Regular cleaning and defrosting.
  3. Prevent water from entering the air inlet, otherwise, the car refrigerator will be easily damaged.
  4. Choose the power converter recommended by the manufacturer for home use.
  5. Magnetic objects cannot be placed in the semiconductor car refrigerator to avoid affecting the internal cooling chip.
  6. Do not place corrosive objects in the refrigerator to avoid damage to the liner.
  7. If it is used to refrigerate special items, please check whether the cooling performance is consistent with the storage requirements of the item.
  8. When the onboard power supply is used, it is recommended to start the engine regularly (3-4 hours) to charge the onboard power supply.
  9. The heating and cooling box cannot be filled too much, and a certain space is required to ensure better thermal insulation or cooling effect.

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