In the New World, the Ancient Guardians were the first to attempt to settle on Aeternum. Their persistence after death is tied to the power of Azoth, which these ancients also used to power their once thriving civilization. How or why their society fell apart is a New World Coins mystery, but the Ancient Guardians are still patrolling the vast ruins they left behind.

These men tend to be armored and capable of more complex combat tactics such as blocking and retreating, making them more difficult to confront and fight than enemies of other races. Players can usually find them in ruins in more advanced areas of the New World. Arcana Crafting Station or Trading Post also offers tinctures and paints to give the player's character an edge when fighting Ancient Guardians.

Drowned Lost is usually the first few enemies new players encounter, but the first boss they encounter is an example of Corrupted. The deep and menacing red light makes these Cheap New World Coins enemies so special. They are marked on the map, are often some of the most dangerous and advanced enemies, and are an intrinsic part of the lore at the heart of Aeternum's story.

Players are better off facing Corrupted's minions alone, if they must, players can use the power of Corrupted Ward to help them. Artisans can also add a Perk to their armor to increase their damage absorption rate when fighting Corrupted. Unlike the Lost or Ancient Guardians, the Corrupted are their own sentient faction.

Often scattered in open doors in the countryside, spreading to nearby lands and animals is their attempt to invade. Players will face various forms of Corrupted minions, from normal difficulty to fully maxed out bosses. If players want to win the battle, it is a very wise choice to buy a lot of New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to upgrade their power.