To improve the efficiency of farming items in Diablo 2 Resurrected, it is recommended that players practice one or more magic gameplay with strong group brushing ability. Compared with pure physical gameplay, most of the magic gameplay has a much lower early-stage investment, but some late-stage extreme gameplay also requires a huge cost.


The runeword Heart of the Oak is a universal weapon that is suitable for many magic (or auxiliary) gameplay. Make Heart of the Oak you require level 55 and 4 Socket Staves/Maces, and you need to inlay runes in this order of Ko + Vex + Pul + Thul. The largest rune need to use the 26# Vex, the 26# rune is not easy to obtain in the early stage, but it is a relatively common high-level Diablo 2 Resurrected Items compared to runes above  28#, and there is a big chance to get it in Hell difficulty.


Heart of the Oak's main attributes suitable for magic gameplay is +3 To All Skills, and +40% Faster Cast Rate, Replenish Life +20, Mana Upper Limit, and up to 40 points of total Resistances to improve the survival and endurance of caster class equipment. Other attributes such as Damage To Demons, Attack Rating Against Demons, Mana Stolen Per Hit, and so on, can only be effective when the equipment uses a physical attack, and for gameplay that relies solely on the output of magic skills, these attributes are invalid.


Heart of the Oak



From the above attribute analysis, it can be seen that the main function of the magic (or auxiliary) gameplay is to improve skills, casting speed, and survival endurance. However, it will not be used for physical attacks, because the basic damage of the base material is not important.


Its attributes are quite comprehensive for magic. For example, a "Heart of the Oak" + "Enigma" Blessed Hammer Paladin is enough to sweep most of the hell scenes, but it is not the ultimate match for many other gameplays. Most of the magic gameplay has more suitable alternatives in the late stage, and it is completely fine to use the "Heart of the Oak" transition before reaching the late stage.


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