It will be Bo Jackson. However, when Mut 22 coins you look back on all the NFL running backs who have been after you, which of them recall you the most?

I can think of two -I can only think of two - Saquon and Derrick Henry -- on the sheer strength, strength and ability to maneuver throughout the field as well as defend. They're not necessarily sporting the speed I did. However, they've managed to make it work for them. They're very effective in what they do. This is why they're considered to be the best running backs in the game at the moment.

As you reflect on your career, what's a play you made that you think could have come from an online game?

The one that nobody talks about with the exception of Denver Broncos fans is when we were at Denver and I was able to go through their defense like a hot knife through butter. This isn't a joke, but simply the size I was back then and how I was in the basement of college learning in running with my pad. This means that you wouldn't find me upright, with my pads, unless I had someone standing 5 or 6 yards in front of me trying to chase me. When I was in the middle of the road, in the thick of things, it only took me an instant to realize that not running behind your pads is not good for your health. I'm not able to remember the name of the guy but he was a linebacker with the Cardinals during their time in Phoenix. He blew me up. He took me down on the 6or 7-yard line, and fell me down on the 2. He helped me stand up and then said, 'Hey Bo I'm looking at you, Bo. You need to make me pay my bill. You have to be more consistent. I'm looking at him like, 'You've done lost your damn mind. I'm not going to run into this hole again. In the next game I bounced it off the wall and then used my speed.

Editor's note: In the fourth quarter of cheap madden coins a game that was played between Raiders in the playoffs against the Broncos that took place on December. 2, 1990 Jackson ran 62 yards for a rush-to-the-goal, breaking five tackles en route to the end zone. He ended the afternoon with 13 carries that totaled the 117-yard run and two touchdowns.