Most electronic products, when the working temperature is too high or too low, will interfere with the daily use of the device, just like the tablet computer that everyone loves, it is easy to be unable to charge when the weather is cold, 4g Electronic products such as gps tracking devices that basically operate outdoors and must read satellite signals to complete daily work are also subject to interference from the external environment.

There is no such extreme temperature under the daily temperature. In fact, this is not the case. This type of temperature category is just to say that the 4g gps tracking device can keep running, but the Beidou manufacturer will certainly be able to maintain the best work efficiency. In winter, even -20 degrees is normal, not to mention some special environments, the temperature will only be lower, and in summer, the car cannot guarantee that every car can be parked in a parking garage with shade facilities every time. Outdoors, in a closed area like the inside of the car, the temperature is sure to be higher than outside, so there is no need to talk about those parked directly under the sun.

In fact, the most suitable working temperature for the 4g gps tracking device to achieve the best work efficiency is around 15-35℃. If it encounters the two weather conditions mentioned by the Shenzhen gps manufacturer, and the tracker is still installed outside the car, this The environment that is directly exposed to the outside of the car is more likely to be disturbed by the environment.

No matter which product has a service life, you will also consider this issue when buying mobile phones and other electrical appliances. When buying 4g gps tracking device, I believe many friends have asked the same question, 4g gps tracking device can continue to work how long.

For some wired 4g gps tracking devices, as long as they are well maintained and installed correctly, the tracker will continue to be used. If you want to use it for 5-6 years, the Beidou satellite tracker is really no problem. Some more sophisticated manufacturers may protect it from the power supply, etc. With efforts to use better and more durable chips, the 4g gps tracking device will naturally have a longer service life.

As for the wireless 4g gps tracking device, its service life is more clear. When many manufacturers make wireless 4g gps tracking devices, they actually integrate industry needs. The average service life is three years, so users are in normal use. It usually lasts for 3 years. If it is used more frequently or improperly, it will shorten the service life of the positioner.

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