How does the atomizer of the Cosmetic Perfume Sprayer Pump work?

The classic perfume atomizer uses a squeeze ball to store air, and the air moves quickly on the feed tube during squeezing. There are two check valves at both ends of the bulb. When the bulb is pressed down, the valve leading to the tube is forced to open under the action of air pressure, while the valve leading to the outside is pulled closed. Once the bulb is released, the rubber inside will return to its original shape, close the valve to the tube, and then open the valve outward so that air can refill the bulb.

Today, the atomizer has a bottle with a tube connected to the nozzle. When the nozzle is engaged or pressed, it will release a small amount of spray through it. The atomizer mixes oxygen and liquid perfume to form a fine mist, allowing you to release a small amount of perfume.​​ When the airflow pulls some liquid out of the reservoir and mixes it with the airflow, the liquid will break down into suspension in the air, and each drop contains the same proportions of oil, alcohol, and water.

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