Although it was previously expected that Lost Ark would only be available in Asia and Russia, Amazon Games is bringing this action-focused RPG to the West. The game was originally released exclusively in South Korea in 2018, and has been beta tested in Russia since then, with a view to expanding its breadth to other regions. For more information about Lost Ark, please visit MMOWTS.

Although the game's entry into North America and Europe seems uncertain, this year's Summer Game Festival announced that Amazon Games will release the game for Western audiences. The exact release date of Lost Ark was not initially determined. Earlier this year, the developer of the game even announced that it would postpone the release time to early 2022.

At that time, no exact date was released.But currently Amazon and Smilegate have revealed that Lost Ark will land in the Western world on February 11. Although the game will be free to play, those who wish to purchase the founders’ pack valued from $14.99 to $99.99 will get three days of early access and can start playing the game on February 8.

The delayed release of Lost Ark was staggered with the release time of Amazon New World. Both games are of the MMO genre, and they may have some audience overlap. Since Lost Ark announced the delay, the game has also undergone some beta testing. By the way, is currently holding a Lost Ark Gold promotion, welcome to visit!