In WOW TBC Classic, the first area every player will encounter when they first arrive in Outland is Hellfire Peninsula. This area provides a relatively powerful experience. The missions and dungeons have left a deep impression on people, and the leveling experience is one of the best experiences in the entire expansion. Generally, the amount of playable content in Hellfire Peninsula will allow players who return to the area with a second character to stay longer than originally planned.

Shadowmoon Valley is home to some of the most complex and famous mission lines in the entire TBC Classic. The highest point in the Burning Crusade Classic Gold area is the Dark Temple, which may be the most iconic raid in the entire expansion. All the content players will find in Shadowmoon Valley is part of the rest of the TBC Classic lineup. If the Hellfire Peninsula is enough to leave a lasting first impression for players who are new to Outland, then Zangar Marsh should be enough for them to visit again.

The environment of Zangar Marsh is amazing, it is different from anything produced by the WoW art team. The missions offered in this area are too iconic and cannot be missed when passing it for the second or third time. From the conflict with the different tribes of the naga in the area, to the relationship with the people of Spore Fort, the quest line of Zangarmarsh has so many memorable parts that it cannot be considered one of the best in TBC Classic.

As the crown jewel of Outland, Nagrand is everything that WoW area should have. Every time you venture into the WOW TBC Gold area, Nagrand has a truly stunning landscape, one of the most beautiful areas ever created for the game. The content available in this area is second to none. The missions surrounding the Throne of Elements and the Ruins of Laughing Skulls will always be timeless classics, because they attach great importance to teamwork and grouping. By the way, MMOWTS is selling the cheapest TBC Classic Gold on the market, welcome to visit!