Because in OSRS bandits are dazed only for 3 seconds, it is imperative to get them out of the way as fast as you can. Failure to OSRS GP do so twice in a short time, could result in being found guilty. It's a 5 second stun and damage. From time to time bandits will also be looking to take revenge on you, which can result in a message saying to the bandits "im going to murder you for that" and then eventually they attack you. You can avoid this by taking the proper actions.

If bandits use the words in the above paragraph, all you need to do is try another knockout. Since the window between messages and attacks is very limited, another strike should be carried out immediately in the wake of the communication. If you are able to incapacitate your opponent, you should use pickpocket twice immediately. Repeat this method until you've gained your opponent's experience.

Elite Clue Scrolls - Things get more complicated once it concerns Clue Scrolls of this tier. Most effective methods of farming these scrolls is Barrows. This minigame can be profitable as a whole, so should you decide to mine Clue Scrolls there, you are able to make a profit before you even begin Treasure Trail. You'll have an 3% chance to get a scroll after defeating all six of Barrows brothers.

Master Clue Scrolls - Although Master Clues are the most difficult to finish however, they're not nearly as difficult to get. There are two methods to get them from The Old School of RuneScape. The first option is to complete simpler Clues. Master Clues are available through the Reward Casket. For the Easy Difficulty it's 1-50 chance, while on Medium 1/30, on Elite 1/15 and Hard 1/15. The only Clue Scroll that doesn't include that Master Clue Scroll as the reward is for beginners.

Another way of obtaining these scrolls is through a deal you can make by negotiating with NPC Watson within Hosidius House. He will trade you his Master Clue Scroll for four other scrolls namely: Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. This is a great method to dispose of scrolls you haven't completed. If you are stuck on a specific puzzle You can throw the piece to Watson and buy OSRS gold farm for the next one to start new.